Applicant Tracking Software

What are the new developments in applicant tracking software niche?

As organizations are keen to introduce automation in all their business processes, tracking of applicants is also done with the help of a well-built tool. More and more establishments plan to make use of effective software that would help them track and hire applicants in the best possible way.  With the applicant tracking software gaining popularity, and with this tool reducing the burden of recruiters, many sources expend efforts to build robust candidate tracking software that meets specific needs of an establishment.
Moreover, this niche has registered new developments that aim to simply recruiting process for establishments. What are the new developments registered by applicant tracking software?

Integration with social media
Social media is a powerful medium that offers plenty of opportunities for establishments to build brand image and lure the attention of target audience. Most importantly, social media is now looked upon as an ideal medium to hook the attention of potential candidates who can fit into many roles, and who can enhance the productivity of an organization. As a new development, the software built to aid recruiting process gets integrated with social media to make it easy for an organization to lure the attention of potential candidates through this robust medium.

Integration with third party services
An organization that wants to track candidates should make use of many sources to find ideal candidates in the process. In essence, an establishment should make diligent use of third party services that take the form of video interviewing, psychometric testing, personality testing and advanced job posting engines to recruit potential candidates. With new developments scripting a new chapter in this field, candidate tracking software now gets integrated with third party services to help organizations find ideal candidates.

More research
While companies have realized the resourcefulness of this tool, they are keen to make use of ideal software that not only falls in line with their system, but also comes with alluring features that help track candidates easily and effectively. This has impacted the way through which this software is built, and sources that strive to bring out effective this tool are now indulged in effective research to bring out software that offers great value for money.

More investment
With this tool capturing the attention of establishments, and helping organizations to find best candidates, sources have come out into the open to develop such software. Moreover, sources and companies are ready to invest more, and to bring out the best of its kind that meets recruiting needs of an organization.
From just a database for holding applications, the applicant tracking software has registered new developments as it now comes with new features that aim to simplify the recruiting process of an organization.

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